Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Smokers BBQ Finksburg, MD Well worth it!

Wow, I must live under a rock, like that insurance commercial. I just had a great lunch at Smokers BBQ in Finksburg, MD. The rare pit beef sandwich reminds me of my favorite from The Canopy in Ellicott City, MD which I have not been lucky enough to have since I stopped working down there in 2000.

I had no idea we had a place only 10 minutes away that made melt in your mouth pit beef sandwiches! And it has been in that location for 4 years! Good golly.

We had a coupon for buy one sandwich get one free, so we each had a regular rare pit beef, and a cup of MD crab and cream of crab, two drinks and the total was around $15. Not too shabby! I just wish I would have taken a picture.

Smokers BBQ

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