Friday, April 30, 2010

So I've gone and done it now

I've been thinking about this for months now, and I have finally started my blog! I am sure it will evolve from my original thoughts of what a blog should be. I plan on writing about day to day life, which is very different for me now that I am unemployed (after working for 20 years in the surveying and engineering business).

I expect to write about baking bread and cooking, what is happening in the world and my struggle to make the money I need to make by selling on eBay and, hopefully, blogging!



  1. Welcome to blogging.

    Thanks for making me crave those rolls now (cinnamon?) *sigh*

  2. Thanks! Those cinnamon rolls are awesome I get requests for them all the time.

  3. i like your blog now i have a recipe for bread and rolls they look yummy